After Surgery Instructions

After Surgery Instructions

Your dog or cat has undergone general anesthesia and surgical sterilization (complete removal of ovaries and uterus or testicles). For the safety and wellbeing of you and your animal, we recommend that the following post-operative instructions be carefully followed:

  1. FOOD & WATER: It is recommended you NOT give your pet food and/or water until later this evening. Offer a small amount of their normal food and plenty of fresh water. Tomorrow they can return to their normal diet and schedule.
  2. VOMITING: Vomiting or lack of appetite is not unusual within the first 12-24 hours after surgery. If vomiting occurs, take away food for a couple of hours and you may offer small amounts of water or ice chips. If vomiting continues past 24 hours, recheck with us.
  3. ACTIVITY: Your pet’s activity level should be kept to a minimum for 7 – 10 days after surgery. Leash walks only. Dogs may go outside on a leash to urinate or defecate, then go right back inside. No free roaming, running or jumping. Your pet should not play rough with children or other pets during recuperation. Activity may cause the incision to open. No bathing/swimming/or grooming your pet for seven (7) days.
  4. INCISION: Please discourage your pet from licking or chewing at the incision. An E-collar is recommended to prevent this. It is normal for the incision to become slightly swollen and bruising may occur. One can be obtained here or from the pet store. Check daily for excessive redness, swelling, any discharge or gaping. If noted, recheck with us. We advise using shredded newspaper instead of litter in your cat’s litter box for 7 days after surgery to prevent dust particles from irritating the incision. Do not clean or apply anything to the incision. All sutures used will dissolve on their own. No removal needed.
*Male dogs and male cats can remain fertile for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Keep them confined.

Post-op pain medication has been given to your pet. Please refrain from giving any additional pain meds unless instructed to do so by a veterinarian.

If you have any questions about your animal’s condition after surgery, please call the Suncoast Humane Society at 941-474-7884.

For life-threatening emergencies requiring immediate attention or after normal business hours, please call the Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Port Charlotte at 941-255-5222 or Veterinary Emergency Clinic of Sarasota at 941-923-7260. Although we will assist in any way possible, we are a low cost spay/neuter clinic and NOT a veterinary clinic. It is the financial responsibility of the owner for any medical needs performed elsewhere.