Be a Life Saver Today! Suncoast Humane Society’s Annual Spring Fund Drive


Thanks to you, Roanoke, Titan, and hundreds of other dogs and cats have new homes today! Every dollar you give to Suncoast Humane Society saves animals who might otherwise be facing a very different future. 

You helped to save sweet little Roanoke, a lovely grey tabby, transferred in from an overcrowded shelter.

When she arrived here at Suncoast Humane Society, we could have just called her “scaredy cat.” Having recently weaned a litter of kittens, Roanoke was swollen, sore and very frightened. Staff had to use warm compresses to help her through the pain, but since she had been picked up as a stray, she was not familiar with people and tried to hide from our team’s TLC.

After a few days, we sent Roanoke to a foster family to ensure she could continue to heal in a comfortable home. It took a lot of work to get her comfortable in their home – for three weeks, she hid behind a treadmill in a spare bedroom. But the fosters persevered, and with help from our Animal Behaviorist team, were rewarded with a little kitty who realized she LOVED being petted and finally let her personality shine. Once Roanoke was healthy, she was adopted and is now a happy member of her new forever family!

Roanoke’s life is now filled with companionship, love, and adventures, thanks to our friends like YOU!


Suncoast Humane Society saves at-risk animals like Roanoke every day.

We take care of their health needs, provide them a safe place to stay, fill their hungry bellies, and make sure they feel loved every day until they are adopted. We continue to support their new families once they leave here, as it’s a lifetime commitment on our part!

But that’s only part of the story! Your generosity provides resources that keep our doors open to thousands of animals in need of being saved each year:

  • When you give, you make it possible for every animal’s needs to be met, from vaccinations and spay/neuters, to dealing with injuries, illness and more. The average cost for each animal for these services is $450, up to only $125 of which is recouped when they are adopted.
  • Your gift allows us to take in hundreds of at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters from Tampa and Lake City to Ft. Myers, and provide them with a brighter future.
  • Because of you, last year our Animal Behaviorist team was able to help more than 50 families find solutions to behavior issues, keeping fur babies happily in their homes and out of the shelter.
  • Your support helps to keep our Community Pet Food Bank stocked so that families struggling financially, many due to the effects of COVID-19, can feed their pets. Thanks to you, our sheltered animals have toys, beds, blankets, towels and other comforts from arrival to adoption.


When Titan arrived at Suncoast Humane Society, it was clear that he wasn’t always surrounded by the love and care that he deserves. Starving and underweight, malnourished, and with a 1.5 pound tumor on his back leg, it was unknown to us how long he lived in pain, or when he last had a good meal. Thanks to kind support from people like YOU and our community, Titan’s long-awaited tumor removal surgery allowed him to finally be comfortable, enjoy life to the fullest, and to finally find the love he longed for with his new forever family.

This year, as Suncoast Humane Society celebrates its 50th Anniversary as the Suncoast Region’s animal welfare organization, we invite you to help us save animals, just like Roanoke and Titan, for the coming 50 years with a gift today.

Every dollar you give today, up to $15,000, will be matched thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and believer in Suncoast Humane Society’s mission. That means we can save twice as many lives together!

Thank you for supporting Suncoast Humane Society. We absolutely couldn’t do all we do without you!


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Want to make a long-term impact? Join our Sustainer Circle, a monthly giving program. For just $10 a month, your recurring gift will help to sustain us today and tomorrow. Online giving is easy, fast, environmentally-friendly, and it reduces administrative costs for our organization. To join right now, simply visit us online at