Help Homeless Pets at a Thrift Store?

Posted on December 23, 2014
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Doesn’t sound logical, does it? But you can help the homeless pets of Suncoast Humane Society by volunteering at our thrift stores. Many of the volunteer opportunities available here at Suncoast Humane Society are at our animal care center in Englewood. Other important opportunities focus on vital programs and services away from our shelter. For example, volunteers are always needed to assist staff at the three thrift stores in Englewood, Venice, and newly opened Port Charlotte. The proceeds from all three of our thrift stores benefit the programs, services, and homeless pets at Suncoast Humane Society. We are fortunate enough to have over 300 volunteers who generously give of their time and skills. These volunteers are vital to the continuation of our mission to “reduce the number of homeless animals and improve the quality of life.”
CJ Hardy volunteer with Suncoast Humane Society
CJ Hardy, volunteer at Suncoast Humane Society thrift store
One such volunteer is CJ Hardy, who volunteered at the North Port  thrift store location and now volunteers at the new Port Charlotte thrift store location. She began volunteering at the thrift store to stay active in the community: “Being semi-retired, I wasn’t ready to stay at home. I needed more in my life and loving animals the way I do, I decided to volunteer at the Suncoast Humane Society thrift store. It’s such a fun place to work and a great way to meet other who are also not ready to stay at home. It’s difficult when you are new to an area and volunteering is a great way to meet new people. “Recently, we adopted Gypsy [from Suncoast Humane Society], a 3 year old mix of German Shepherd and Chow, and what a love she is. She has enhanced our lives and we have given a home to a dog that needed it.
Gypsy with new family CJ and Mac
Gypsy with her new family, CJ and Mac
“This is our home now and I am truly blessed by how volunteering with the Suncoast Humane Society has enhanced and enriched my life by first and foremost, helping the animals, and also by filling my life with new faces and fun.” If you are interested in helping our homeless pets while meeting new people with similar interests, please contact our Events and Volunteer Manager Jacqueline Elliott at 941-474-7884 or by email at!

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