Give Them What They Really Want for Valentine’s Day

Posted on February 14, 2015
Posted in Pet Placement Program

Flowers fade, too much chocolate makes you fat, and you really don’t need another watch. Show your love this Valentine’s Day by donating a Kuranda dog bed for a dog waiting for love this Valentine’s Day! Your love will certainly appreciate knowing that you helped a dog waiting for a home be comfortable and relaxed while waiting for their forever human. All you have to do is order the bed through the link on our website and it will be shipped directly to us. After we have received the bed, if requested, we would be glad to send your love an acknowledgment card on your behalf. Bonus points: buy a nice card or write a love note to your love and tell them how you donated a dog bed in their name to a dog waiting for a home. How sweet and romantic you will sound! You’ll definitely get more out this gift than another tie. No one wants another tie. Kurand dog Bed

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