Missing Dog Buddy Finds His Way Home

Posted on January 4, 2015
Posted in Pet Placement Program

missing dog goes home Suncoast Humane Society
Buddy’s owners were elated to be reunited with their buddy!
Poor Buddy got separated from his New York owners while they were on vacation in North Port. A kind stranger found Buddy wandering in the street and picked him up because she was afraid he would get hit by a car. She took Buddy to us and filed her found report with our staff. It took his owners two days to figure out where Buddy went, but when they did, they came right away and picked him up! These three were overjoyed to be reunited, as you can see from their happy reunion photo. If you find a missing pet, please be sure to contact your local animal control and file a lost report with us. Give us a call at 941-474-7884 during our business hours Tuesday through Saturday for more information!

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