Why Microchipping Your Pet Matters

With the recent story of a Naples dog being reunited with his family after 7 months because of his microchip, it’s more important to remember why microchipping your pet matters. Cooper, a three year old bully breed, was able to get out of his house after workers from the family’s pool service company left the front gate open. After searching locally for some time, the family started to give up hope that Cooper would ever make it home, until one day the family received a call from an animal shelter – in New Hampshire. The family suspects that he didn’t get very far on his own and are unsure of how he got 1,500 miles from home before someone scanned him for a microchip, but they are just happy that Cooper was able to come back home to them. What happened was Salem Animal Control in New Hampshire scanned Cooper, who came to them as a stray, for a microchip, which was registered with the family’s contact information and current phone number. Cooper was reunited two weeks later with his family after a 23 hour drive back to his Naples home. A microchip made his reunion with his family possible! As a humane society, we also deal with lost and found animals who either have or don’t have microchips, and it’s much easier to reunite missing pets with microchips. Our Lost & Found service is offered as part of our Pet Placement Program, and is only available for public use through the generous support of our donors.  
Missing dog Jersey looks a bit sheepish while dad Thomas springs him from Suncoast Humane Society
Jersey got separated from his dad Thomas and looks a little sheepish to be here at Suncoast Humane Society! There’s nothing to be embarrassed about though, Jersey, because now you’re home safe with your dad, where you should be.
Getting your pet microchipped in the first place is really simple with Suncoast Humane Society’s low cost preventive health care clinic. Simply call us at 941-474-7884 to schedule your appointment. Microchipping is just $25 per pet, and includes initial registration with the microchip company. Make sure to contact the microchip company directly after you get your pet microchipped if you move OR get a different phone number. The microchip will not be useful unless it has a good contact phone number connected to it and registered with the microchip company.
Missing cat Bailey was reunited as part of Suncoast Humane Society
Bailey got separated from mom Diane, and was turned into us as a stray. Diane contacted us to file a lost report, and sure enough, we had him! Bailey is definitely happy to be home.
Though you might think of microchipping your dog first, microchipping your cat is very important too, even if he is an indoor only cat (which we would love all cats to be). Stranger things than an indoor cat getting outside have happened, and having your cat microchipped to help reunite you if that happens is a great step to avoid heartache. And if you were wondering, a microchip is not a GPS tracking device, but rather an identification chip inserted between the shoulder blades of a pet that can be scanned by a special device that nearly all animal shelters, animal services, and veterinarian offices have. It’s a great preventive measure to take to help your pet stay safe and come back to you should he go missing!

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