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Posted on July 28, 2015
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Pet Therapy Volunteer John H (1)resized
John and Shaggy, one of our pet therapy teams, spread the love by visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools and even libraries!

“I wanted to give back to the community.”

John H. – Pet Therapy Volunteer, 3 years of service.

Many of the volunteer opportunities available at Suncoast Humane Society are at our animal care center in Englewood. Other important opportunities focus on vital programs and services away from our shelter. One volunteer opportunity we offer is to become a Pet Therapy Team. As a pet therapy team you will provide compassionate interaction with residents of hospitals, health care facilities, schools, libraries and special need requests. Our pet therapy teams currently cover three counties and are dually evaluated under Suncoast Humane Society and the national program, Pet Partners, formerly known as the Delta Society. Each team is re-evaluated every two years in order to insure the high degree of appropriateness expected and is covered under liability insurance by Pet Partners. If you are interested in sharing the unconditional love of your pet with others, or if you would like further information on scheduling a therapy dog program, please contact Claire Berten, Director of Thrift Store and Outreach Services, by phone at 941-474-7884 or by email at cberten@humane.org. Applicants, dogs and handlers must have a health examination and a stable temperament, have successfully completed a basic obedience course, and be able to pass the Pet Partners training course and evaluation.

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