Thank You, Girl Scout Troop #409!

Posted on May 12, 2015
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Ms. Minnie Adoption Update
Girl Scout Troop Leader, Diana, sent us an adoption update about her sweet cat Ms. Minnie!
We want to say a big “thank you” to Girl Scout Troop #409 and their Troop leader Diana for their generous donation! They donated their cookie sale money and also brought items from our Wish list. These donations go towards supporting our programs, services, and homeless pets. Your generosity is much appreciated; thank you! Diana has also sent us an adoption update about her sweet cat Ms. Minnie, who she adopted May 2nd 2012! Her note reads, “We adopted Ms. Minnie almost 2 [sic] years ago (my kids added the ‘Ms.’ to her name). She has become a great addition to our family. When the kids are sick, she becomes ‘Nurse Minnie’ and gives extra cuddle time to them. It took her a little time to accept her new ‘brother’ Mr. Bolt, but they’ve become great friends. We thank Suncoast Humane Society for our furry family member!”

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