A Special (Pet Therapy) Angel

Posted on March 29, 2015
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One of our pet therapy teams was recently recognized by Doctor’s Hospital of Sarasota for their work! According to Dee, the human member of the pet therapy team, Cappy [the canine member] received a Bravo Award from Doctors [sic] Hospital yesterday. In the beginning of March [2015] he visited a patient that obviously loved it as she wrote the attached poem. The fourth floor Clinical & Nursing managers presented this time & a group photo was taken. There was also an individual photo taken of him that now resides on the bulletin board with the rest of the staff….!!! I am so very proud of him.” Bravo award for Cappy This is the poem that the thoughtful, inspired patient wrote about Cappy: Pet Therapy Suncoast Humane Society The poem is as follows: A Special Angel As my day began, unexpected stress began too; From frustration and worry, my heart was soon blue… So I questioned God why… this health situation; With tears flowing freely, I asked for some inspiration… Then shortly thereafter, I heard a small whimper and cry; From somewhere nearby, which soon caught my eye… Into my hospital room, came this small little friend; A four-legged angel, that God knew to send… He spoke not a word, just warm cuddling his plan, To stop all my tears, with his tiny paw in my hand… “Captain” his sweet name, stayed briefly it’s true; Detecting my need for comfort, to refresh me anew… One of “God’s Special Angels,” I know Captain must be; A small dog showing compassion, for my heart to see… That words don’t need spoken, to encourage one’s heart; For love freely shared, today did its part… Captain came to visit to cheer many today; And without any words, here’s what he did say; Love all and each other, our lives can all teach; That caring and encouragement, is always in reach.   You can learn more about becoming a pet therapy team on our website, or by giving us a call at 941-474-7884.

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