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Posted on August 6, 2021
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Our Shelter Needs Your Help
While this summer has been difficult, we’ve also witnessed miracles through the eyes of every adoption and foster home, all thanks to our community near and far. But right now we are bursting at the seams with animals who need you right now more than ever.
Adoptions and fostering has slowed down, and while the time these animals spend at our shelter is NOT limited, our space is. If you’ve ever adopted a pet from Suncoast Humane Society, share a post or a story using the hashtag #HelpOurShelters this Friday, August 6. Together we can drive awareness for shelters in need, like us. We can save lives and build a no-kill community. Through adoption and fostering we can alleviate difficult times, but we need your support!
Here Are Some Ways To Help Right Now
ADOPT – If you have been wanting to add a pet to your family, now is the time to adopt. This opens a space at the shelter for an animal in need, and provides a safe, loving home for a wonderful companion.
FOSTER – Fostering a pet frees up space for another pet who urgently needs to be saved. If you want to adopt, but aren’t 100% sure yet, try fostering a pet for as long as you can. Open your home and heart to dogs and cats with puppies/kittens, orphaned babies, pets recovering from injury or illness, senior pets, and long-stay pets. They urgently need foster homes.
DONATE – Your donation helps us continue to help those who need us most. Our shelter provides a safety net as an absolute last resort for these pets, and without your support they could be facing devastating outcomes.


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