BISSELL PET FOUNDATION’s Empty The Shelters runs May 5-9, $25 Adoption Fees for Cats and Dogs

Posted on May 4, 2021
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After successfully finding forever homes for 18,359 pets in 2020 alone, BISSELL Pet Foundation is again aiming to Empty the Shelters by sponsoring reduced adoption fees of $25 or less at 200 participating shelters, and rescues in 36 states May 5-9, including Suncoast Humane Society*. BISSELL Pet Foundation’s mission to find every pet a loving home is the driving force behind Empty the Shelters. In 2016, BPF created this reduced-fee adoption event to make an immediate impact on the nation’s ongoing pet homelessness problem. Since then, this program has encouraged prospective pet owners to consider adoption as their first option when bringing a pet into their family, as there are so many deserving animals waiting to be loved. 49,360 pets have found homes from this program’s efforts. 

*Please note, adopter is responsible for rabies vaccine fee and county license tag fee. 

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