Newborn puppies and mama Chanel need your help!

Posted on February 1, 2021
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A pup named Chanel arrived at our shelter mid-Friday last week. 30 minutes later Chanel went into labor!
Despite being uncomfortable and in pain, Chanel loved being petted, having her ears rubbed and just enjoyed not being alone while she had her babies. What a strange, crazy day for Chanel. We were happy, willing, and able to be a safe haven for this sweet mama and her puppies.
Our staff stayed at the shelter with Chanel overnight while she delivered 5 beautiful puppies. One of the puppies, unfortunately, did not survive through the night. To honor his life we named him Saint. Mama Chanel and her 2 girls and 2 boys are now staying with a foster, resting up as much as possible. Big shoutout and thank you to our loving fosters who are always ready to step up and help!
The puppies and mama Chanel will be available to adopt in at least 8 weeks, but they need your and our help right now. They will ALL need vaccines, spay/neuter, heartworm prevention, deworming, a healthy, nutritious food diet and more!
Please help by making a donation today. Every little bit helps. Thank you from all of us at Suncoast!
p.s. Keep an eye out for March, you will have an opportunity to bid on naming Chanel’s puppies! Stay tuned on our Facebook page.

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