Suncoast Humane Society needs Super Fosters RIGHT NOW to help with under-socialized animals

Posted on July 13, 2020
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Janna is a 1.5 year old girl who needs someone to show her that the world is beautiful and people can be kind.

What do “off-season” and “pandemic” have in common? For Suncoast Humane Society, it means a lot less foot traffic at the shelter than what we typically experience during our summer months. The benefit of less foot traffic is less exposure; the negative side is that there are less people to share their love with animals at the shelter.

At the beginning stages of COVID-19, Suncoast Humane Society’s main goal was to get ALL animals into foster homes prior to going into a state-wide stay-at-home order. Our community stepped up in a big way to make it happen. If you ask any of our staff or volunteers who were here for this historical milestone, they will all agree that there is NO sweeter sound than the sound of silence in the dog kennels and the cattery.

But we knew that people ad pets would struggle, and we knew that it wouldn’t be silent anymore once it was safe to re-open our doors again. Thanks to our community, most animals get to stay with their foster families until they find their forever homes. And those animals who return to us have an amazing team of staff and volunteers working tirelessly to find them new loving homes.

Foster programs are crucial: they open up space for other animals that need to be saved, while allowing animals to get out of the cement kennel walls and into loving homes. Homes where it smells like homemade breakfast, where most couches conveniently come with cozy blankets and humans who want to snuggle, and where they get to go on walks, runs, boat and car rides, and play dates. Animals in foster care can relax a bit and their true personality begins to shine. Some “Super Fosters” help animals overcome fears and recover from past trauma.

Chloe is a 5 year old girl who needs someone to help her overcome past trauma.

Suncoast Humane Society’s Foster Coordinator, Fatime Duka, says: “It is extremely important that we grow a specific foster base for our special needs animals. These are the animals that need guidance and who aren’t immediately ready to go into their new forever homes. Experienced fosters are always nice to have, but what we really need is people who have the time and patience to put into each animal that they are welcoming into their home. As long as we have people who are willing to learn, we can accomplish this. We can never have enough fosters!”

Suncoast Humane Society needs “Super Fosters” RIGHT NOW to help with under-socialized animals. These animals will need your guidance to learn how to cope with people, other animals, new situations, and environments that are unfamiliar to them. These special fosters will need to collaborate and correspond regularly with our Foster Coordinator and Animal Behaviorist throughout the entire time they are fostering. There will be specific instructions and guidelines the foster will need to implement to help each animal learn about the world. These animals may be preferred to be placed in a home with no other animals and adult households only so that they can truly focus on healing. The fosters’ hard work and dedication will help these animals find their forever homes!

If this is something you can see yourself doing, PLEASE apply to be a foster for Suncoast Humane Society today: Foster Application. For further questions about Suncoast Humane Society’s foster program or about any of the animals, please call 941-474-7884. 

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