The Story of Fostering Hope

Posted on June 12, 2020
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Dear Foster,

During worrisome times, Suncoast Humane Society had to make many quick decisions. Facing the unknown, we made choices to best protect the animals in our care, and each other. We knew that the number of animals who needed help was beyond any type of foster appeal we had ever done. But we felt it was the best course to care for these animals whose lives had already been upended, landing in a shelter. None of us were okay with the option of leaving animals to receive rudimentary care. We wouldn’t want it for our own animals and we certainly didn’t want it for these vulnerable ones who completely depended on us to do right by them. 

We wrung our hands and boldly asked for help. And there you were. An urgent plea was made to our community to help these dogs, cats, and rabbits by providing a safe, loving home, while we all watched the world be taken over by a wicked virus. You showed up and gave your best to love and protect them. You opened your homes and hearts and told the fostered fur babies what good boys and girls they are. You gave them treats and scratched their ears. You let them hide under the bed, knowing that they needed to find their own way out to this new place. You snuggled and went for walks. You cared. And you filled us with desperately-needed optimism.

Keeping faith kept us going, kept us focused on what is possible when we come together. Over the past several weeks, we have been building something special for our fosters to show how grateful we are –  we handmade over 111 wind chimes, one for each of our fosters as a token of our appreciation for you.

Each foster is part of a group of 111+ people, most who have never met, but are bonded by your acts of kindness. You not only fostered an animal, you fostered kindness and you fostered hope. You filled us with conviction that together we can deepen our compassion for animals, and help animals who are relinquished to a shelter still know someone loves them.

On June 13th at 8:00 PM, we invite our fosters to hang up heir chimes and take a moment to reflect on what a difference you made. Every chime is unique, just like you are unique. They are simply symbols of our appreciation, that when put together will fill the night with sounds of hope.

On June 13th, from 8:00 PM until sunset, we will be celebrating our fosters, sharing photos, videos and stories on our Facebook page to help tell the story of Fostering Hope. Please join us! 


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