We are all in this together. What does that mean for 23 orphaned kittens? It means a fighting chance at life.

Posted on June 6, 2020
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By Maureen O’Nell, CEO, Suncoast Humane Society

Foster Coordinators Gail Blake and Fatime Duka Over Memorial Day weekend Suncoast Humane Society was busy working with overwhelmed rescues in Tampa to coordinate transportation and care for multiple litters of orphaned kittens. A compassionate team of shelters and rescues banded together to create a solutions-driven safety net for orphaned kittens in our region whose vulnerability is profound and requires immediate intervention. Without a mama cat to feed and tend to their needs, time is of the essence. Compounding the problem, animal shelters can be dangerous for orphans as disease spreads quickly. These orphans do not have immune functions to survive.

Knowing that fast action was imperative, we locked arms with our partners, with rescues, with people who care to make immediate, life-saving decisions. Transporters brought kittens to meeting points where we collected and evaluated each kitten preparing them for their foster families. They were weighed and given medications per their needs, given a little snuggle here and there, and transitioned into homes who were ready, willing, and able to care for these little one pound bundles of fur and whiskers. It took everybody doing their part to save them.

As quickly as they needed help, they will develop and grow what will feel is just as fast. We look forward to watching them grow and thrive. They will receive medical oversight, and once they are two pounds, be spayed or neutered and be ready to be adopted into their forever homes. But, they won’t be the last to need help. We will diligently work to expand our foster network so more animals can have a fighting chances. Every person who steps up to lend their hand joins an incredible team of life-saving heroes who know that this is what it means to be in this together. A few of the kittens that arrived

If you’ve always wanted to foster a kitten or kittens, right now is the time to get on board! Please contact Fatime Duka at fduka@humane.org to apply to be a foster. Another way to help right now is by making a donation to off-set the costs of care, please visit www.humane.org to make a donation today. 


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