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Posted on February 13, 2020
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Last week we held a story/photo submission contest and we are happy to announce the winners and the runner up. We think that all 3 stories and photos are wonderful. We are grateful for everyone’s participation.

Shout out to all who live the #AdoptDontShop life! 


Screech enjoying his new life

Screech had a rough start. His former owner had abandoned him along with another dog and was brought to Suncoast Humane Society in February, 2018 by the former owner’s landlord. Screech didn’t care for toys, but was full of energy and was eager to find his forever family and home. A couple months after arriving at the shelter, Screech was adopted, but sadly, returned 6 months later. His spirits were still up, and all of the Suncoast Humane Society’s staff and volunteers were hopeful that soon, the family he was meant for was going to walk through the doors with one mission – to give him a loving home and care that he deserves. And exactly that happened almost a year after his original arrival at Suncoast Humane Society.

Screech’s new human mom, Danielle, shared: “My family and I came to Suncoast Humane Society looking for a female dog that would fit our lifestyle. My husband and I have young children and wanted to finish our family with adopting an amazing fur sibling. I walked in the back looking at what dogs were back there. I wasn’t opposed to having a male dog, but really wanted a female dog. I walked passed this pit bull mix that seemed like he was talking to me. He sounded like Chewbacca, and I thought that was so adorable. I got down on my knees and talked back. It was too cute.”

When Danielle got done touring the kennels, she talked with our team members about her family’s lifestyle. Danielle asked that they pick out a dog (or dogs) that would be the best fit. And to Danielle’s surprise, the first pick was Screech! Danielle says: “When she brought Screech to us, I recognized him as the dog that talked to me sounding like Chewbacca! Instantly, I knew this was our dog.”

Screech was well mannered and they all instantly fell in love with him. Danielle says that Screech is the new king at his fur-ever home. “He has a big bed, his own couch, blankets and pillows, and SO many of his favorite types of toys. We go for daily walks and have play time in the backyard where he runs free! We take him on our airboat which he LOVES.”

Screech now gets to ride in the car every morning to take Danielle’s son to school, and he even gets a treat from one of the crosswalk ladies. You could say he’s a bit of a local celebrity, as Screech has made many friends in the community. “He even has a new dog friend!” Danielle says. “He has made our house a home. Screech has completed our family! He is perfect in so many different ways. It fills my heart when I see him playing with my baby and son. He is the perfect dog!”

A huge thank you to the Whiteaker family for adopting Screech, and for making all of his dreams and wishes come true!



Bruce loving his new life

Bruce Almighty, now just “Bruce”, came to Suncoast Humane Society in October, 2018, due to his previous owner’s health issues. He was very bonded with his previous family, and although surrendering him in hopes of Bruce finding a great new home was a very difficult decision to make, his former owner knew it was in everyone’s best interest. Bruce didn’t care for the shelter environment, the strange noises scared him and he was timid when meeting new people. Perhaps that was the reason why it took over 6 months for Bruce to find his new loving family.

Bruce’s new human mom, Linda, shares: “Our previous dog, Skippy, died unexpectedly last March. My husband and I missed Skippy and missed having a dog. So after about a month we started looking at dogs on various shelter websites. One Saturday morning we were going to ‘just look’ at dogs at a shelter. As I was drinking my morning coffee, I was looking through the Venice Gulf Coast Living Magazine and there was a small ad in the back for Suncoast Humane Society – a shelter that we weren’t aware of. I looked at the website and saw several dogs that could possibly fit our family. One of them was named Bruce Almighty.”

Later that morning, Linda, her husband and her mother decided to visit Suncoast Humane Society. They looked at all the larger dogs and visited with another one before meeting Bruce Almighty. “He was friendly and, more importantly, my mother liked him too” Linda says. “Skippy had spent time at Grandma’s house, and we wanted the new dog to be able to do that too.”

They decided to think about it and went to have lunch at Burger King where they decided that Bruce would be the perfect fit for their family and home.  Upon return to Suncoast Humane Society, adoption paperwork was getting filled out, and staff had informed Linda that Bruce’s adoption fee would be just $25 due to his 6+ month residency at the shelter. The price was a nice bonus, but what really sealed the deal for the Walker family was that Bruce had lived at the shelter for so long that they knew they were ready to change Bruce’s life forever. Linda shares: “My husband jokes that we got him on the clearance rack! We kept his name as Bruce, but dropped the Almighty.”

Thank you so much to the Walker family for adopting Bruce, and for turning his life around.




Muffin & Ju Bean are happy together, fur-ever

Muffin, formerly known as Chester, came to Suncoast Humane Society in 2016 after being rescued from a local animal hoarding case. Not much is known about Muffin’s past, other than he’s been through some rough times. Luckily for Muffin, he only lasted a week at the shelter before he found his forever home.

Muffin’s new human mom, Shelli, shares: “He was pitiful looking and had a very menacing look. After about two weeks of pampering and vet visits, Muffin still had his menacing looks, but turned out to be the sweetest cat we’ve ever known.” Turns out, Muffin loves to travel, ride in his stroller, lay by the pool, and he will spend hours sitting on a lap. “We loved him so much and thought he was lonely” Shelli says. “His last house was filled with cats, so my son and I went back to the shelter to find him a friend.”

Shelli recalls visiting with one cat, when another potential adopter came in to see the same cat. The other potential adopter was waiting for Shelli to make a decision on which cat to adopt, all while visiting a kitten. It was that moment when they both realized they wanted to switch cats. “As soon as my son saw her, we agreed to switch” Shelli said. “The lady ended up with the cat she originally wanted and we ended up the cutest kitten named Ju Bean, who bonded instantly with Muffin. To this day they are best buds!” Shelli also says that Ju Bean’s favorite activity is photo bombing her older brother Muffin.

Thank you to the Obirek family for adopting Muffin and Ju Bean, and for not only giving them both a great home, but also human and animal companionship.

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