From a dog’s perspective: the not-so-secret life of Boomer

Posted on January 31, 2020
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 By Lena Hart, Marketing & Event Planning Manager, Suncoast Humane Society

Although the characters and events in this story are fictional, it’s not an unusual reality for many of the homeless pets in shelters who haven’t been microchipped.

Please remember to microchip your pets. Visit to view Suncoast Humane Society’s adoptable animals currently awaiting their forever homes.

“The sun is shining at the shelter, just like the day I got myself into my current situation. My old man, Pops, once let me outside to “do my business” without a leash. He never did that, but he said “You go ahead, I’ll sit here and wait.” The rabbits from across the street had been taunting me for days. If I turned my head just right, I could see them real good with my one eye. Oh yes, I was in the business of chasing those fluffy tails! I lost track of time and place, and spent the night in strange woods. In the morning I found a road where I got picked up by a stranger and was brought to an odd place they call a “shelter.”

The humans at this strange place are kind. “Hi Boomer! Ready to go outside? I bet you are, good boy!” That’s my friend Fanny; we play fetch. I’ve seen Fanny here a lot lately, so there must not be enough friends around to help. If Pops knew, he’d help, because that’s what he does. He says “I ain’t dead yet!” and then he goes to help whoever needs it.

The humans named me Boomer, and say that I’m their “furry friend.” Now, I’m not furry like Baxter here, and anything that booms scares me, but I like being their friend. My Pops has the BEST friends. They all came to help when I tried to catch a squirrel and got stuck in the fence. If it wasn’t for that nail, I would still have two eyes. I’m not worried though, Pops loves me just the same.  My kennel neighbor, Trixie, thinks my one eye is “no fortune.” I disagree, as I’m quite the bargain for a one-eyed mutt. That’s right, the shelter folks here taught me some great tricks. I’ll wait for Pops. He’s GOT to see my tricks.

I just saw my friend, Roy, walk in. He reads to me and brings oils that make this peculiar place smell almost as good as I do on a rainy day. “Boomer, come here boy! Storm’s comin’, you’ll need this jacket,” calls Roy. Back home on stormy days, Pops would wrap his arms around me and I wouldn’t be scared anymore. I sure miss those hugs, but if I close my eyes and think of my old man, this jacket feels too good to shred to pieces.

The other day Pops’ neighbor Betty came by to visit me. I thought she came to break me out of here, but we just hung out for a while. She saw me on the “web,” whatever that means. She said that Pops is “resting peacefully” now, and he’d be proud of my progress. Well, I’d sure love to show him myself! It must have made him very tired, looking for me all over. It been months now, I wish he’d stop resting and take me home already. I’d even stop chasing rabbits.”

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