A Brighter Day for Zeus

Posted on September 14, 2018
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 By Phil Snyder, Executive Director Suncoast Humane Society

Zeus enjoyed a loving home for the first 8 years of his life. Like most cherished pets, he shared the companionship and feeling of security with his human family. Then suddenly in February of 2016, the security he enjoyed came to an abrupt end. Family health issues forced relatives to bring Zeus to Suncoast Humane Society, looking for help. For 5 months, this beautiful male, 90 pound Lab mix, (okay maybe a little pit mixed in his ancestry) waited for a new family to adopt him. In the meantime, animal care staff and volunteers kept him socialized, exercised and ready to be re-homed.
It took 5 months, but in July of 2016 it finally happened. Zeus was adopted. He left the shelter with tail wagging and eager to see his new surroundings. Sadly, his tail wagging lasted all of 3 days. He was returned to Suncoast Humane Society for not playing well with the family’s other dog. After all, even though he was 8 years old, he was still 90 pounds of energy.

Zeus barely had time re-adjust to shelter life before he was adopted again. Once more he was eager to please his new family and regain the security he needed. It was a great home for over 2 years. Then it happened again. Owner health issues brought Zeus back to Suncoast Humane Society in April 2018. He was the same old Zeus, happy-go-lucky, but this time seemingly more settled, content and mature. And more mature he really was, as he was now 10 years of age.

Zeus became a regular with Suncoast Humane Society’s “Dog about Town” program, which features harder to place dogs at venues throughout the community. It gives potential adopters the opportunity to see adoptable animals away from the shelter and in a more homey environment. Zeus’s stay at the shelter this time was 4 months. Staff and volunteers again gave him all the love and care they could, making his stay as comfortable as possible.

Enter Kathleen from Punta Gorda. She and her husband Noe had been searching for a dog to be her companion, especially during the long hours Noe was working. As she toured the adoption kennels, Zeus caught her eye. Maybe it was his proud, but gentle “Please take me home” look, or his wagging tail. Either way, it was love at first sight.  

At last report, Zeus has made himself at home with Kathleen and Noe. He’s even taken over most of the bed at night. He loves playing with the couple’s grandchildren, as well as his trips to the Doggie Park. He has adopted a crinkly raccoon as his favorite toy. Every one that meets Zeus loves him. This 10 year old dog has started a new and exciting life.


The name Zeus is thought to have originated from the ancient Greek word for “Bright,” which is a close connection to the Latin word for “Day.” With that said, here is wishing for Zeus to have many “Bright Days” ahead of him.

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