Ruka – At Least One More Day

Posted on August 17, 2018
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 By Phil Snyder, Executive Director Suncoast Humane Society

Ruka was nearing the end of her life when she was brought to Suncoast Humane Society. Her original owner had moved away and left Ruka with a relative. The relative had tried for 2 months to care for Ruka, however the 11 year Pitbull/Lab mix was sick and her worsening condition was more than could be coped with.

Although the relative had tried hard to care for Ruka, the cost of her medical treatments were becoming unbearable. She still had happy moments and loved to play ball, but a lot of Ruka’s spark was gone. It was obvious that she was failing. It was hoped that Suncoast Humane Society could help in some way.

Each year, Suncoast Humane Society receives over 300 aged and sick dogs and cats that are owner-requested euthanasia’s. Euthanasia is a Greek word meaning ‘peaceful death’. At the request of owners, Suncoast Humane Society provides a peaceful ending for pets that are suffering and have lost all quality of life. This service is provided to end the suffering and to provide relief.

However, Ruka was not an owner-requested euthanasia, The problem was that it was also known that Ruka would not be adopted with and the many medical issues and especially at her age… So what could be done?

Fortunately Suncoast Humane Society partners with a wonderful organization called, “ONE MORE DAY.” This passionate non-profit group provides Fospice (Foster care and Hospice) for dogs with life-limiting illnesses. These are pets that will not get well, but are not suffering, and still have some quality of life left to enjoy. These pets spend the remainder of their days in a loving home environment, being cared for by Fospice Guardians, which are a very special group of volunteers. The organization works with animal shelters and rescue groups in providing this special service.

It is unknown just how long Ruka will enjoy life in her new surroundings. It is known, however, that she will spend the rest of her time in a loving home, given all the attention she needs and cared for tirelessly by wonderful guardians.

 The mission of this organization and their Fospice Care Guardians is to take a fospice dog in their homes for loving, end-of-life care, sometimes for months, weeks, or sometimes, just for ONE MORE DAY.

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