Gracie’s Adventure

Posted on August 3, 2018
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 By Phil Snyder, Executive Director Suncoast Humane Society

Gracie is a 9 year old, 7 pound Yorkie who, following a recent 11 day adventure, has been returned safely to her loving family in Sarasota. Some of her adventure is known, but some is not so clear.

Cheryl and IC, Gracie’s owners, were enjoying a fun day with company, cooking on the grill, when all of a sudden the smoke detector went off. Scurrying to find a ladder, inadvertently a door was left open. Frightened by the alarm and the mayhem that followed, Gracie scooted out the door and ran for cover.

Gracie was found 11 days later, wandering along a busy highway in North Port. Patricia, the compassionate individual that found Gracie, rescued her from the dangers of the street and brought her to Suncoast Humane Society, hoping Gracie could be reunited with her missing family. 

Upon her arrival to the shelter, Kelly, an Animal Care Specialist, examined Gracie and also scanned her for a micro-chip (Having your pet micro-chipped is the most effective way of identifying your lost pet). Thankfully, it was found that Gracie did indeed have a micro-chip. A quick call by Kelly to the micro-chip company revealed Gracie’s owners, Cheryl and IC. They were both ecstatic when they heard that, after being lost for 11 days, Gracie was safe and sound at Suncoast Humane Society. 

But wait, something didn’t add up. Gracie was lost in Sarasota and found in North Port. Maybe it is possible that this tiny 7 pound Yorkie had walked 25 miles over an 11 day period. Dogs have been known to travel many miles to get back home, but not running away from home.
Suddenly there is a little light on the mystery. A posting appeared on a lost and found pet community Facebook page, A Yorkie, matching Gracie’s description, had been lost in North Port. For some reason, the posting disappeared when word spread that Gracie had a micro-chip and actually belonged to Cheryl and IC in Sarasota.

Ok, maybe Gracie didn’t walk the 25 miles to North Port. Just maybe she was picked up and taken by car to North Port, by someone wanting a small Yorkie. Could it be that she escaped and was actually trying to hoof it back to her family in Sarasota? After all, her family had filed a lost dog report with Sarasota Animal Services. They had also spent $350 on posters which were placed all over their community. Who would think to file a lost pet report with agencies 25 miles away? Thank goodness for micro-chipping. Oh, and even after leaving a very generous donation, Cheryl, IC, and Gracie are saying “Thank goodness for Suncoast Humane Society.” 

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