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Posted on July 20, 2018
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Englewood Sun Logo By Phil Snyder, Executive Director Suncoast Humane Society

There is a line in the old rock and roll song, Shake Rattle and Roll that talks about a one eyed cat, peeping in a seafood store. I am sure that Big Joe Turner and later Bill Haley, artists that performed the song, were not referring to a cat named Prince, truly a one eyed cat who is currently peeping through the adoption cattery screen door at Suncoast Humane Society.

Prince is an 8 year old beautiful white male cat that was brought to Suncoast Humane Society over 3 weeks ago. His family, due to personal issues, had been forced to give him up. They had tried to find Prince a good home, however, none could be found. They decided to turn to Suncoast Humane Society for help.

You see, Prince had severe glaucoma in his left eye which was worsening as time went by. You could tell that he was suffering with an ailment that wasn’t allowing him to function normally. He was grumpy, disoriented and obviously in a lot of pain.

Following examinations and consultations between Suncoast Humane Society’s medical team, it was determined that the only option was to remove Prince’s badly swelling eye. That was his only chance to become a healthy adoptable pet. 

Surgery was a complete success. Prince was up and playing like a kitten in just a few days. Day by day he seemed to reconnect with the fun things in a feline’s world. His pain was gone and he was free of the fear he had been experiencing with his glaucoma.  He is now alert, playful and friendly with everyone, including dogs and other cats.

There is only one thing missing in Prince’s life. Now that he has been given a 2nd chance at life, he is looking, even though out of one eye, for a loving permanent home. At 8 years of age, Prince is considered a senior, and is available for adoption to some lucky family for only a $50 adoption fee, plus $20 for his rabies inoculation. 

If you’re looking to add a 12 pound bundle of joy, to you family, please visit the adoption cattery at Suncoast Humane Society. Prince shouldn’t be hard to find.

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