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Posted on February 8, 2015
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Englewood Sun LogoBy Phillip Snyder, Executive Director

Published in the Englewood Sun on February 8, 2015

When the Suncoast Humane Society initiated its satellite feline adoption program, the plan was to establish permanent, off-site adoption centers in the different communities served by the organization. The intent was to make adopting a pet more convenient for those not living close to the society’s Animal Care Center, and to help more homeless animals find forever homes.

If early figures are any indication, the program will be a success for the society, new pet owners, and the adopted pets themselves.

The society’s first satellite adoption center opened two years ago at Pet Supermarket in Englewood. The off-site adoption criteria and cleaning procedures were put in place, volunteers were recruited, and soon, pets began to be adopted. Following the success of the initial cooperation program in Englewood, three additional satellite adoption centers have been established. Felines from Suncoast now are being featured and can be adopted at Petco in Port Charlotte, Pet Supermarket in North Port, and most recently, Petco in Venice.

It just makes sense that individuals and families frequent this type of store with pets on their mind. The hope now is that they will enter the stores to buy pet food, treats or toys for their pet at home, fall in love and possibly leave the store with a newly adopted feline friend. This seems to be working as, to date, 90 cats have been adopted from the satellite adoption centers, in just a short amount of time.

Although these centers are set up to feature adoptable felines, the Suncoast Humane Society is promoting more canine adoptions through the “Dogs About Town” program. To date, more than 100 dogs have been adopted after being featured by staff and volunteers at participating restaurants and businesses throughout the area. This programs serves to keep the pets socialized, and also affords them the opportunity to interact with the public and to be seen and admired away from the care center.

For more information about the society’s pet-placement and satellite-adoption programs, please call 941-474-7884, or visit for a list of adoptable animals. You may just fall in love all over again!

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