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Posted on January 4, 2015
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Englewood Sun LogoBy Phillip Snyder, Executive Director

Published in the Englewood Sun on January 4, 2015

Fifty-one cats, 33 dogs, and even two ferrets and a hamster enjoyed Christmas and New Year’s with new loving family members, thanks to Suncoast Humane Society’s “Home Before the Holidays Adoptathon.” This unique adoptathon was a 20-day event featuring special adoption fees of $10, plus the date of the month.

For example, animals adopted on Dec. 2 were $12; Dec. 3 were $13; up to Dec. 21, where they were $31. The adoption fees were intended to encourage adoptions before the hustle and bustle of the actual holidays.

This year the holidays were merry and much brighter, not only for these 87 pets and their new families, but also for the staff and volunteers who participated in this wonderful adoption event. It was a true joy to have so many pets adopted in such a short period of time.

As a measure of the success of this pre-holiday adoptathon, the same 20-day period last December resulted in only 48 total adoptions. We thank the 87 families for choosing to adopt a new family member from the Suncoast Humane Society.

Suncoast operates an open-admission animal care center, where no animal is ever turned away, regardless of breed, age, health or temperament. Homeless pets continue to come in from our coverage area in Charlotte, Sarasota and the Boca Grande portion of Lee County. Sadly, our kennels and catteries continue to be filled with adoptable pets in need of loving, permanent homes.

Although it is too late for “Home Before the Holidays,” this may be an ideal time for considering “Home After the Holidays.” So, if you or someone you know is thinking of adding a new pet to the family, please consider a homeless pet at the Suncoast Humane Society. You may even have more time now to devote to the needs of a new dog or cat. Or maybe even, a gently used, older pet would be to your liking. We do have a variety of models. One may be just waiting for you!

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