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Posted on December 26, 2014
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Boca Beacon logoBy Phillip Snyder, Executive Director

Published in the Boca Beacon on December 26, 2014

It is wonderful to see that so many friends and donors of Suncoast Humane Society are finding ways to help homeless animals during this holiday season. Generous monetary donations generated from our recent holiday appeal letter help assure a positive start for our services and programs going into 2015.

We are also receiving generous amounts of pet food for our Pet Pantry program which provides food for pets belonging to economically struggling families. This program, along with our Preventive Health Care Clinic, which includes low cost spay/neuter, is helping to keep pets united with their families where they belong. 

We are grateful for the teachers and students throughout the community who held pet food drives as class projects. On top of pet food donations, many also gathered toys and supplies to help the animals. It is also encouraging to note that several of our donors held Christmas parties where instead of a gift exchange, guests were encouraged to bring pet food and supplies to benefit homeless animals at our animal care center.

Suncoast Humane Society receives a huge number of calls asking for ideas, other than money, that they can donate for the animals. These requests have prompted us to develop a homeless animal “Wish List.” This includes needed items that help to make our animals more comfortable, while allowing us to direct monetary donations to more critical needs.

Our “Wish List” includes pet food, Milkbone treats, towels and blankets, KONG toys, Nylabones, Wee Wee Pads and cat toys. Other needs are bleach, mops, brooms, squeegees, paper towels, and trash bags. Other items are added frequently as the need arises.

The complete “Wish List” can be found on our website – www.humane.org – under the donations tab, or by calling 941-474-7884. Also, our website now links to Amazon.com, which not only has a complete list of our needs, but adds the convenience of having your donated items delivered right to our humane society.

During the holiday season and beyond, monetary and “Wish List” donations are greatly appreciated. All donations serve to provide treatment and comfort for the homeless animals entrusted to our care.

This year, as you enjoy the holidays with your pets and other family members, I hope you will take a moment to think of the pets less fortunate than your own. After all, your support may be just what is needed to help assure that next holiday season, they too will be in loving homes.

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