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Posted on April 29, 2014
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Gasparilla GazetteBy Phillip Snyder, Executive Director

Published in the Gasparilla Gazette on April 29, 2014

Mooshu and Mako are wonderful felines. Their only problem is they don’t seem to possess the pizazz needed to demand the attention of potential adopters. Tiger and Marla also lounge around the cattery, taking in all that goes on around them. They just don’t waste their time jumping up, tugging on your pant-leg and meowing a catchy “please take me home with you” tune.

Presently there are 18 felines in that same boat, or make that, the same free roaming adoption cattery at Suncoast Humane Society. They are all cats that have been available for adoption for six months or longer. The four mentioned above have been here almost one year. That is such a long time to wait for that special, forever home. Sadly for them, they sit and watch their more active, needy friends being adopted one by one. 

Each of these cats will make someone or some family a great pet. They will be true homebodies, with little effort needed to provide for them. The main ingredient they are looking for is love. They may not bounce off the walls or demand a lot of extra attention, but they will be great companions. 

Suncoast Humane Society offers a special adoption fee program for longtimers at our animal care center. These precious felines may be adopted, to approved homes, for a reduced adoption fee of $10. There is an additional $12 fee required for a rabies vaccine. That is such a small amount to pay for years and years of love and devotion. In addition to those already mentioned, there is Phoenix, Leighla, Buddy, Giovanni, Harry, Paris, Quinn, Maple, Maggie, Mario, Patches, Tigger, Lani and Cuddles. If any of those names tickle your fancy, please call to find out more about them or check our web-site.

Our animal care staff and volunteers are hoping that this special offer will attract individuals ready to consider bringing a new pet into their home. Further information on each of the cats is available by contacting us at (941) 474-7884 or Please help us spread the word that these wonderful pets are available and ready for a permanent home. Although they receive much love and care here, they really need to be longtimers in someone’s home, not in our animal care center.

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