Capital Campaign

Building Our Future

The Problem at Hand

When Suncoast Humane Society took over occupancy of its current facility in 1971, the building had previously been used as a residential home. Additions were made during the 1980s and 1990s. The average life-span of an animal shelter, even built to standards, can be less than 20 years. Portions of our facility have withstood the odds for over 45 years. 

Which means… our shelter has far out lived an acceptable safety and comfort level for animals.

In fact, an architectural evaluation showed both structural and operational issues so significant that the cost to refurbish the building would be nearly as high as building a new facility. Additionally, the 1.15 acres of land where our current building resides is surrounded by a county park, leaving no room for expansion or reconfiguration of the building into a more suitable layout.

We must do better.

The Solution

Suncoast Humane Society spent almost three years in searching for an appropriate site, negotiating terms and finally acquiring the land.  In 2015, thanks to donations and an allocation of reserves we were able to purchase 11.5 acres of bank-foreclosed land just down the street from our current location. We hired Animal Arts, a leading Architectural firm that specializes exclusively in animal shelter and veterinary hospital design. They have a proven record of success with over 800 projects in 40 states, Canada and overseas.  Our vision is a shelter that responds to the needs of animals and the people who love them.

We are not just building an animal shelter. We are building a Humane Society, made with innovation for animals, staff, volunteers, donors and visitors.

Building Our Future

Our Vision

  • A state-of-the-art Animal Care Center which will provide humane care and comfort to animals entrusted to Suncoast Humane Society. It will be animal friendly, customer friendly and staff efficient.
  • A Preventive Health Care Clinic, including a spay/neuter surgery suite, pre-op, post-op, and recovery for the safety of the animals.
  • A totally enclosed facility with sufficient room for adoptable pets, animals being treated and those awaiting adoption evaluation.
  • Meeting the physical and emotional needs of homeless animals.
  • Modern, comfortable kenneling and canine rooms along with free roaming adoption catteries.
  • Fresh air exchanges to provide a healthy atmosphere for the animals.
  • A community education, training and meeting space
  • A small exotic pet room for rabbits, ferrets, birds and other small pets.
  • Exercise areas and acres of walking trails to keep pets socialized and prepared for new homes.
  • Memorial and Honorarium to acknowledge loved ones, both 4 and 2 legged.

Can We Talk?

Our Board of Trustees invite you to consider a gift towards our capital campaign.  We know that as an organization, we will continue to make significant contributions to all the communities we serve. With your help, our new animal care center will positively change the lives of those animals and the people that love them.

Building Our Future Brochure       Donor Opportunities

Naming Opportunities Available

  • Entire Campus $3,000,000
  • Animal Care Center $1,000,000
  • Preventive Healthcare Clinic $1,000,000
  • Event Plaza $500,000
  • Clinic Lobby $500,000
  • Adoption Lobby $500,000
  • Intake Lobby $500,000
  • Adoption Gallery $500,000
  • Canine Dorms $250,000
  • Feline Dorms $250,000
  • Surgery Suite $250,000
  • Canine Isolation $200,000
  • Feline Isolation $200,000
  • Education Center $100,000
  • Conference Room $100,000
  • Play Yards $100,000
  • Cat Pavilion $100,000
  • Catio $75,000
  • Meet & Greet $75,000
  • Executive Director Office $75,000
  • Adoption Office $50,000
  • Veterinary Office $50,000
  • Administrative Center $50,000
  • Clinic Exam Rooms (2) $50,000
  • Intake Exam Room $25,000
  • Consultation Offices (3) $25,000
  • Shelter Manager Office $25,000
  • Facilities Manager Office $25,000
  • Legacy Wall $25,000
  • Animal Enrichment Area $25,000

Please contact Terry MarksDirector of Development, at